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Our Waste Oil Collection Stations are sought after by Councils all over Australia.
Our Cotton Module Builders are used widely in the Cotton Industry.
Our Recyclables Collection Stations are a positive for any Council committed to the environment.
Welcome to our website which will give you an insight into the many products we produce at our manufacturing plant in Gunnedah, North West New South Wales.  We hope you have a need for one of our products or services and we look forward to serving you soon.

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Company Profile
Gunnedah Industries is a successful and thriving privately owned Australian company which was established on the 1st September 1971 to produce quality agricultural handling equipment aimed at the grain and cotton industries. Gunnedah Industries has now developed into a leader in the design and manufacture of cotton module builders in Australia.

Within the last few years Gunnedah Industries has focused on the ever growing need for products to service the waste collection industry. We have had major success in promoting our Waste Oil Collection Stations and are currently launching a range of Recyclables Collection Stations. We also have other related products still under development at the present time. 


Our Mission

Our Mission at Gunnedah Industries lies in ongoing quality control and product development in the fields of agricultural and waste collection and minimization industries; and striving to provide these products at the best possible prices, backed up with prompt after sales service and support. 

Waste Oil Collection Stations ready for delivery.

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